Thursday, 17 June 2010

EU children)

Dear LLT Friends,

I would like to share with you one my experience, what I hope, many of you lived in your "teacher-life".:-)
Last week I travelled to Germany, in one of our partner school, in Bremen. It was a beautiful week for me. Just immagine, I went there with two my colleagues and 3 pupils. And, we met many children and teachers from 10 other countries!! Together at about 50 people.
We wisited the school, the town, hamburg, had the possibility to have more information about German education system.
But, for me the most beautiful experience was to see how children make friendship, how play together and how can to communicate each other.
So, as I think, this is a very important aim of every EU project: involve students as possible, and help them. And, at the end see and enjoy how built together Europe).
For me it was a nice present at the end of school year.
I put here some photos about the last week.) Hope, you like them:-)

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Happy Birthday, eTwinning!

Dear LLT Friends,

I would like to put here some pictures to see you, how we celebrated the 5th eTwinning Birthday in Hungary.:-)

Thank you for sharing with us your photos! It's really nice to see them)

La aventura del saber (05/05/10)

On eTwinning birthday day, there was a spanish TV program about the event. Cristina was talking there about her awarded project "Like a bird".
Here's the link:

Have a look... and for all the LLTeachers attending the eTwinning Conference in Seville it will be a nice trip through happy memories as well!

Thursday, 3 June 2010

EU ministers agree on new education targets

Hello everybody! We've been talking a lot during these two school years about the Lisbon priorities and the 5 benchmarks for 2010.

And now we actually are in 2010 and the European Council is setting new benchmarks for the future.

So a 2020 strategy is being discussed. Have a look at the European Commission Website for more info: