Sunday, 29 May 2011

BoW meeting in Hungary

Dear LLT Friends,
last week (from 17th May to 22nd May) we organised a Comenius meeting in Szeged. We had more than 50 guests (teaches and pupils) from Italy, Slovakia, Turkey and Spain. I was very happy, I met Laura too.)
In the focus of our project is the importance of water, and discovering the treasures of our towns.
We talked about it together, a very innovative part of our project, Bridges of Water is, if teachers from other countries take lessons for our pupils. At the same time pupils from other countries were attending lessons of my colleagues. It's great possibility to feel importance of learning foreign languagues, and have new/different experience in classes.
Our pupils enjoyed a lot the lessons. For example my class (children are 7 years old) met Aysegül Erdur from Turkey, who teached them a very kind song about Teddy bears. At the same time they studied the numbers in English. It was great!!)
And, as we are working together with Laura, her colleagues and pupils on BE TWIN!-Twinning up the everyday lesson eTwinning project, it was really nice an Italian lesson together, in twin with my pupils. My pupils met Laura and Twins in Budapest at the eTwinning conference, so a lesson together and being together had a personal, friendly atmosphere.
Children practiced expressions of everyday life, and of course, we talked a lot about our Twins, friends.
We had a lot of programmes: we visited a water tower, zoo, our National Park of History. We had a project afternoon with performances of Slovakian, Turkish and Hungarian pupils.
And, what I really enjoyed to see: children drawed with chalk about our project, played and danced together, and at the end of the meeting they had new friends.
I would like to show you some photos about programmes..hope, you like them)

Monday, 9 May 2011

Twins in Budapest - impressions and memories

Here's the ppt the Twins created after the 2011 Conference and Camp. And we are so proud of them !!!
Thank you Chiara Carraretto for this great job!
Sharing this experience with our pupils was the best prize ever :)

Sunday, 8 May 2011


Festival d'Europa - Florence, 6-9 May 2011

Everyone knows Florence for its art and culture. It is less well known for a minor but nevertheless significant aspect: Florence continuously reflects on the future of Europe.

The Tuscan capital is host to the European University Institute, the only academic institution founded by the members of the European Union, which provides an intellectual contribution to the process of European integration.

The EUI wishes to enhance this aspect by organising the “Festival of the Europe”, a biennial event which is structured along various lines:

1. A Conference on the State of the Union to discuss the main areas of competence of the European Union. For the 2011 edition it was decided to organise a conference of 2 days, the first of which will focus on institutional matters: Europe after Lisbon and its role in a globalised world. The second day will deal with economical issues; the Euro and Economic Global Governance in the morning session, and Growth, Employment and International Financial Stability in the afternoon.

The international conference will see the participation of the foremost European decision makers (commissioners, ministers of various European countries, journalists, academics). At this moment, the presence of José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, Jerzy Buzel, President of the European Parliament, Franco Frattini, Italian minister of Foreign Affairs, Antonio Tajani, Vice President of the European Commission, Catherine Ashton, High Commissioner for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Lorenzo Bini Smaghi of the European Central Bank has been confirmed.

2. Collateral events to promote the EU: exhibitions, stands and seminars on European matters Cultural and educational activities in the main squares of the city of Florence (Awards for students who excel in their commitment to European themes) The presence of students from both the University of Florence and EUI in debates on the European Union Exhibitions, shows, concerts and theatre plays which are inspired by the Festival dell’Europa Film exhibitions as “Notte Blu”, dedicated to the European Union, the launch in Italy of the EU programme “Youth on the move”.

...And guess who was invited as well? me with the Twins :)

they actually spoke after the EU commissioner (then talk about being VIPs....)