Sunday, 29 May 2011

BoW meeting in Hungary

Dear LLT Friends,
last week (from 17th May to 22nd May) we organised a Comenius meeting in Szeged. We had more than 50 guests (teaches and pupils) from Italy, Slovakia, Turkey and Spain. I was very happy, I met Laura too.)
In the focus of our project is the importance of water, and discovering the treasures of our towns.
We talked about it together, a very innovative part of our project, Bridges of Water is, if teachers from other countries take lessons for our pupils. At the same time pupils from other countries were attending lessons of my colleagues. It's great possibility to feel importance of learning foreign languagues, and have new/different experience in classes.
Our pupils enjoyed a lot the lessons. For example my class (children are 7 years old) met Aysegül Erdur from Turkey, who teached them a very kind song about Teddy bears. At the same time they studied the numbers in English. It was great!!)
And, as we are working together with Laura, her colleagues and pupils on BE TWIN!-Twinning up the everyday lesson eTwinning project, it was really nice an Italian lesson together, in twin with my pupils. My pupils met Laura and Twins in Budapest at the eTwinning conference, so a lesson together and being together had a personal, friendly atmosphere.
Children practiced expressions of everyday life, and of course, we talked a lot about our Twins, friends.
We had a lot of programmes: we visited a water tower, zoo, our National Park of History. We had a project afternoon with performances of Slovakian, Turkish and Hungarian pupils.
And, what I really enjoyed to see: children drawed with chalk about our project, played and danced together, and at the end of the meeting they had new friends.
I would like to show you some photos about programmes..hope, you like them)

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