Thursday, 2 June 2011

June, the 2nd

On June the 2nd we celebrate the Italian Republic, which was born in 1946.
This year we're having a very special day, as we're celebrating 150 years of Italian independence as well. So, we're now celebrating our homeland, our freedom and our independence.

Happy birthday Italy!

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  1. Dear Laura,
    Dear LLT Friends,
    Italy is a very special place for me, next to my home Italy is my favourite land. It's a country of talent, art, beautiful places and, it's the country where live special people, where live you).
    Freedom, independence are so important and natural for all of us as fresh air, because we live in a safe part of the world. But if there is a so special day as June the 2nd in Italy it's time to celebrate and think about them.
    I wish you a very nice and special day, and..
    Happy Birthday, Italia)!!! Tanti auguri)