Thursday, 25 November 2010

Future programme in the field of Education and training (2014-2020)

Hi friends,

I'm sure you already know about this, but the EU needs our opinion and hints in order to arrange the new programme for Education and Training in 2013. LLP, in fact, will run until 31 December 2013. In order to shape its successor, we're all asked to contribute with our ideas !!!

So, if you haven't yet, take part in the CONSULTATION for the future programme in the field of Education and training (2014-2020).

Let the EU know your ideas !

Hugs to you all,


Monday, 15 November 2010

Bridges of Water - Comenius Project

Hello everybody,

here's another story of eTwinning and Comenius meeting and hopefully building successful didactic pathways!

We're a group of teachers who met via the eTwinning portal & Comenius in-service training (Monika, Silvia, Maria, Aysegul... and me of course!). We built a project together and had it funded for 2010 - 2012. Here's our first meeting in Spain - where some time was devoted to eTwinning as well, as an useful tool for dissemination and communication among pupils and teachers.

Now, that's for sure a step towards Europe !!!

Hugs to you all, and to your students as well :)


Welcome to a new eTwinning Teachers' Room!

Dear everybody,

I have just created a new Teachers' Room for us. It is called "eTwinning Project Trailers" and I believe you should join it as it is my belief that together we can make project trailers become a powerful new tool in giving visibility to an eTwinning project. Whether the project has just been registered and its founders are looking for more partners, or it has reached a 'dead point' in its lifetime because of a partner's (or a few partners') withdrawal, or it has just ended and a quick preview of its results and benefits is needed for the eTwinning Prizes or for the eLearning Awards, a video trailer online could just be a great way to entice fellow eTwinners and others!

Do join!

Looking forward to welcoming you,