Sunday, 8 November 2009

International Day for Tolerance

Do you organize something at school arround the 16th November? This year our students are meeting a woman - one of the 'Children of the Holokaust'. If you are interested in this subject, you can find many materials in

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Two new web tools in Folder 1.6

Check out these two new web tools in Folder 1.6 - BEFUNKY and!

Thursday, 5 November 2009

A link to a blog

Hi again
Am posting a link to a blog of teachers on a Comenius teacher training course - might be interesting to teachers who wish to apply for grants - this one was in Lancaster, summer 2007, and gives an idea of what we experienced as participants. Sorry for sending two posts in a few min, just forgot to paste the link in prev post.

testing the blog options

Hi everyone

This is my first post here and am finding my way still! Flu days in Bulgarian schools this week, hence more time to be blogging.
re your Q about a new project or sticking to the old one - I am one of those erratic 'contributors', so for me it would be better to keep the virtual space meeting points we are used to - it's just easier.

However, I find it a bit confusing with the two options for communication - two questions: I guess this blog is replacing(?) the twinspace forum. And twinspace remains the place for uploading stuff in folders? How different would this blog uploads be from the ones in the twinspace? Maybe we would find out this together... In my experience with another etwinning project, the twinspace was just like a library storing our contributions, but not very friendly/cosy for interactions. The blogs we kept instead served more immediate needs of updating partners of what has been done/uploaded and sharing opinions in the comments section. I hope more people find their way with this blog - am just wondering how much free quota for uploads there is here....

Good luck!

Tanya M (BG)

Monday, 2 November 2009

eTwinning Poll: keep the old TwinSpace, or open a new Project? Tell us your opinion

Hello everybody, I'm happy to see we're meeting here in the blog.

I'm just willing to ask you a question about a topic we've been discussing with Monika for a while.

What are we going to do with LLT?

1) Are we going on in the old TwinSpace, uploading our new materials there, and maybe opening a forum or a website for the project?

2) Or are we going to close the project and open a new one, maybe a group project?

Let us know your idea. I just put here my pros and cons:

Option 1) Pros: we all know how to work on the old TwinSpace, plus it would be difficult to remove all materials and upload them somewhere else. In a new website we could create a better forum and hopefully meet more often there! Cons: the TwinSpace is crowded and it's starting to get too narrow for us. Creating a new website is time-consuming!

Option 2) Pros: we could re-build our team, keeping only the teachers still interested (we are almost 70 in the TwinSpace, but much fewer when it comes to sharing ideas, materials and so on!). Cons: the new TwinSpace is a bit confusing and not very user-friendly in my opinion. Plus, nobody really knows how group-projects will work.

Ok, we're very very interested in your comments. We know this project needs to have a new start, so be free to tell us your ideas. Of course, we'll eventually do what the majority thinks it's best.

Tiny schools/ Decreasing schools

photo by remoto 13 en FLICKR

This post was inspired by Agnetta's post about her school. It reminded me of a problem we have here in Spain in rural regions: Many Primary schools have to close due to lack of children in the villages.
I used to work in a Secondary School which received pupils from little villages, and I could see how most of them were the only young people left in their villages and that they sadly enough left the village for good when they went to study to the University or moved to the capital for seeking better opportunities.
Do you have the same problem in your countries? How do the authorities deal with it?
I am also curious about the methods used by teachers of this kind of school who must work with pupils of different ages and levels. I hope you find the topic interesting enough.
For those who can read Spanish I include this link where you can find an example.