Thursday, 5 November 2009

testing the blog options

Hi everyone

This is my first post here and am finding my way still! Flu days in Bulgarian schools this week, hence more time to be blogging.
re your Q about a new project or sticking to the old one - I am one of those erratic 'contributors', so for me it would be better to keep the virtual space meeting points we are used to - it's just easier.

However, I find it a bit confusing with the two options for communication - two questions: I guess this blog is replacing(?) the twinspace forum. And twinspace remains the place for uploading stuff in folders? How different would this blog uploads be from the ones in the twinspace? Maybe we would find out this together... In my experience with another etwinning project, the twinspace was just like a library storing our contributions, but not very friendly/cosy for interactions. The blogs we kept instead served more immediate needs of updating partners of what has been done/uploaded and sharing opinions in the comments section. I hope more people find their way with this blog - am just wondering how much free quota for uploads there is here....

Good luck!

Tanya M (BG)


  1. Hi everybody,

    I think indead that the Twinspace is good for storing files, videos and that sort of things, but to communicate a blog is more friendly.
    On a blog, you can announce new things that are posted on the Twinspace too. So I think this blog is a good option!


  2. Hi Tanya!
    It's a pleasure to have you here!!!

    I agree with you and Inge, and that was our idea as well (for now at least): use the TwinSpace to upload materials and keep it as a sort of data-base (in this sense, the new TwinSpace or the old one is the same).

    This blog can be used instead of the forum - as we all know, the twinspace forum is not so user-friendly. And it can also be used to widen our space, and create contacts even out of Europe.

    That's our plan for the moment. But we are just at the beginning of our second year, so please go on helping us with your advice and ideas, they are more than welcome!


    some members told me there's the TwinBlog as well. True, but our NSSs told us it is supposed to be used more as a record of our steps in the project than as a real blog, so we can use this one to discuss the differnt topics.