Monday, 2 November 2009

eTwinning Poll: keep the old TwinSpace, or open a new Project? Tell us your opinion

Hello everybody, I'm happy to see we're meeting here in the blog.

I'm just willing to ask you a question about a topic we've been discussing with Monika for a while.

What are we going to do with LLT?

1) Are we going on in the old TwinSpace, uploading our new materials there, and maybe opening a forum or a website for the project?

2) Or are we going to close the project and open a new one, maybe a group project?

Let us know your idea. I just put here my pros and cons:

Option 1) Pros: we all know how to work on the old TwinSpace, plus it would be difficult to remove all materials and upload them somewhere else. In a new website we could create a better forum and hopefully meet more often there! Cons: the TwinSpace is crowded and it's starting to get too narrow for us. Creating a new website is time-consuming!

Option 2) Pros: we could re-build our team, keeping only the teachers still interested (we are almost 70 in the TwinSpace, but much fewer when it comes to sharing ideas, materials and so on!). Cons: the new TwinSpace is a bit confusing and not very user-friendly in my opinion. Plus, nobody really knows how group-projects will work.

Ok, we're very very interested in your comments. We know this project needs to have a new start, so be free to tell us your ideas. Of course, we'll eventually do what the majority thinks it's best.


  1. The new Twinspace is confusing indead, but if you work with it you learn quickly. And then the result is better than the old Twinspace. You can also set permissions for the whole Twinspace, not folder by folder. I think the new Twinspace has the possibility to build a more clear structure.

    Maybe we can share the work and upload all the information on the new Twinspace with some volunteers?

  2. Hi Laura!
    I've just read Tanya´s opinion on the subject and I do agree with her. I think we should keep the Twinspace as a "library" as she puts it and make this blog a privileged spot where people will interact more easily. I do also think that those who are no longer interested in participating in the project should be withdrawn (with their consent!)

  3. Hi Laura.
    I wrote a reply to your post some days ago but something must have gone wrong because it does not appear.

    What I said was that perhaps it is better to keep using the old twinspace for a time and see how long we go.
    I also find the new twinspace a bit confusing and the question of time-consuming tasks is not an insignificant one for teachers,we are just mortals! . I think that the blog is very useful as an alternative forum.

  4. Hello Laura, Monica, Inge, Marilia and Elena,

    I agree with all of you!
    We can keep our old twinspace!
    We can leave the old forum!
    I think that the blog is more
    friendly for communication!
    Greetings from Korinth-Greece

  5. My opinion?Well open a new project with those who are interested and if it's too difficult(I'm one of those who don't like twinspace at all) and use ning platform to communicate, send photos and videos there ank keep the twinspace for other files. I know it's not exactly one or another option you said Laura...
    Irene Pateraki,Greece