Sunday, 8 November 2009

International Day for Tolerance

Do you organize something at school arround the 16th November? This year our students are meeting a woman - one of the 'Children of the Holokaust'. If you are interested in this subject, you can find many materials in


  1. Hi Anna!
    I don't know if have ever heard of Levi Tafari- a Jamaican poet. He has a great poem called CELEBR8 about diversity and discrimination. I used it one of these days and my students really liked it. If you feel a bit curious just follow the link below. There's audio support too!


  2. Thanks for the tip! January 27th we celebrate the memory of the Holocoust - I don't know if that's an international day or just Swedish. Anyway it's definitly an opportunity to talk about discrimination, so this poem could be a theme for us! How many lessons did you plan for the work with CELEBR8?

  3. Thank you very much, Marilia, the lesson is wonderful! I have asked my friend, an English teacher, to use the materials. Our students will have such lessons in January (to celebrate the International Day of Holocaust) and in April (another groups)when we in Poland celebrate the same day but connected with the anniversary of the Warsaw's ghetto uprising.
    By the way, our meeting with the 'child of Holocaust' was the unforgettable event - both students and teachers were impressed, silent, it was so moving...