Sunday, 13 December 2009

Our eTwinning "best practices"

Hi everybody, since some of our members are new to eTwinning, I was asked to create a virtual "gallery" of our best eTwinning projects. This could give more visibility to our students' work and also hopefully provide new eTwinners with some inspiration.

Could you add as a comment the link to your public twinspaces?

Thanks a lot and... nice webquest to everyone !!!
Here is mine and Monika's first eTwinning:
Sharing our World - Condividere il Mondo:


  1. Dear all,
    Sharing our world-Condividere il mondo was our first eTwinning project, and with all passes we shared really our world with us. Children and teachers, we with Laura, communities of our towns gived all their possibilities to known their life. And the two communities are one in this project, because of the spirite of project, friendship and eTwinning. I wish you all the best and the same experience in your "eTwinning life". Mónika

  2. Dear friends,
    This is a project based on the eTwinning kit Digital Fairytales:

  3. Dear friends,
    This is a project about:

    A chest full of myths from Germany and Greece:

    Marika B.

  4. Last year was the IYA (International year of Astronomy.)We enjoy this project very much.
    It is about our Solar System and European Union.
    It has games to learn the EU (European Union 1) for your pupils and many crosswords!
    Also we love very much the Astro-Europe!
    It is my favorite!!!


  5. This is my first try in etwinning and I love it very much:
    It is about "Best places for holidays in Greece and Poland"!


  6. Hello Ladies!

    I saw yours works!
    Very important projects!

    And a very good Idea!

    "Merry Christmas and Happy New year 2010!"


  7. Dear LLT Friends,
    how nice is to see all this projects.) I would like to congratulation to you for ideas and for your work!!!)
    Wishes from Hungary,Mónika

  8. To tell you the truth, I don't use twinspace in my projects so much so I'll give you the blog and web magazine address where we uploaded our material in the project':"Let's give a breath to Earth" with Greece-Poland and UK.

  9. As Christmas are close, you can also have a look in my Christmas project, I did last year.
    "Christmas, a holiday for friends" in
    Merry Christmas and A happy, healthy 2010 for all!

  10. Hello,

    My first project was last year: We leraned to know eachother by the use of pictures.

    This year I have a project for special needs teachers:


  11. "Up to the nines" is is great ! Do you think I can join, even if I'm not a special needs teacher?
    In Italy we have to deal with special pupils without much help, and very often I realize I don't have the competences to help them (this year I've an authistic child and it's hard for me to deal).
    Let me know and congratulations for the great project!

  12. Hello everyone,
    I've worked on 2 very successful eTwinning Projects. The first was a blogging project between our school and France. The URL is:
    The second was a project betweet 5 schools and was all about the environment: httP://