Laura Maffei - Florence, Italy

Funny enthusiastic student first, funny enthusiastic teacher now.
Laura Maffei - Blog Administrator

And still a student in so many fields!

In both roles - the teacher's and the learner's - I’m curious, fascinated by people & places, and by technology as a bridge to get to them.

I've been teaching Literature, History and Geography in Italy for about 15 years now. And my passion for what’s new, unknown and challenging has given me the opportunity to live a number of different experiences all around Europe, both as a teachers' trainer and a trainee.

I'm an eTwinning Ambassador and I'm deeply involved and interested in the future of education in the EU.
My foreign languages are English and (it used to be) Russian .

I believe in cooperation, teaching teams, playing and creating through edu tech, sharing and comparing different teaching strategies: everything that can prevent me from getting boring and bored in my lessons.  

Monika Kiss - Szeged, Hungary

Monika Kiss

I'm a primary school teacher, spending every morning with my small pupils. I like their creativity, sincerity, their good hearts and I like to be with them because we have so much fun together.

I teach Italian language as well, and I think deciding to study and then teach Italian has been one of my best decisions. Through this beautiful language I knew a great and colourful country and culture, and I met friends.

Being so curious, I like new educational programmes, like eTwinning and Comenius, and any new kind of school experiences together with our partners and pupils. Learning together, learning from each other and enjoying the activities are really good parts of our projects, and this helps us in making school a better place.

As an eTwinning Ambassador I run a course at the University of Szeged about educational projects in Europe. I hope I can help teachers of the future to understand how being a Lifelong Learning Teacher is a great adventure.