Tuesday, 29 December 2009

LLT - where are we? Find us on the Google Map

I've created an LLT google map with all the members' data. Sometimes finding where you come from was quite challenging, especially for small towns. So, check if I was right!

It was interesting for me to see from how many countries we come from, and still we seem to have the same problems and the same hopes, and we put the same effort in order to give our best to the pupils.

Monday, 28 December 2009

Excellence Award for LLT

Hi friends, I'm very proud to tell you that during the eTwinning Conference in Florence, in December, LLT was awarded between the 20 best Italian projects of 2009.

LLT also got a special award of "excellence", for the use of ICT in peer education among teachers.

This is the link to the Italian =( article:

I thank you all for the good work and for your constant support during these months


Sunday, 13 December 2009

Our eTwinning "best practices"

Hi everybody, since some of our members are new to eTwinning, I was asked to create a virtual "gallery" of our best eTwinning projects. This could give more visibility to our students' work and also hopefully provide new eTwinners with some inspiration.

Could you add as a comment the link to your public twinspaces?

Thanks a lot and... nice webquest to everyone !!!
Here is mine and Monika's first eTwinning:
Sharing our World - Condividere il Mondo: