Saturday, 5 March 2011

BE TWIN ... and win !!!

Time to celebrate for Monika, me and our pupils! Our project "BE TWIN - twinning up the everyday lesson" won this year's eTwinning Prize in the category 11-14.

We are so happy and proud of our pupils - and of our colleagues as well. In fact, the project is not an ambitious one, as LLP was. This time, we just wanted to prove eTwinning could be a part of the normal, everyday lesson. So we have to share the prize with all our colleagues, our principals and our students. All of them gave their contribution in twinning our school.

BE TWIN was thus an experiment which proved to be successful: it is possible to work together, in and out of the school. It is possible to create an authentic pupils' and teachers' team. It is possible to teach and learn together through eTwinning.

And, as always happens in eTwinning, together is better!


  1. Congratulations to you and your students, dear Laura and Monika!
    Looking forward to seeing you in Budapest,

  2. Hi ladies,
    good job! Congratulations to you and your students!
    And a special hug to you Laura :)

  3. Dear LLT Friends,
    Thank you for congratulation).
    We had beautiful days at the eTwinning conference together.
    It was fantastic to have this possibility: children and teachers together, celebrating our project, and celebrating our friendship.
    As Laura wrote, we are very proud of our pupils, and happy to had this possibility.
    They know each other, and this is a really personal face of eTwinning.