Thursday, 15 October 2009

Greetings from Sweden

Hello everybody,

glad to meet you! I am Agneta, teaching at the smallest school in the world (?) We have 8 students in 6th-9th grades - and only boys! And at the whole school (1st-9th Grade) there are 25 pupils. A rather special situation, isn't it? I hardly dare tell people how few we are... I teach social scienece, history, geography, religion, english and art. At the picture you can see some of our us visting our National Park; Björnlandet.


  1. Welcome Agneta!
    The smallest school!
    Our Earth is too small too,
    but so important!!!

  2. Don't worry Agneta, I am sure you are in fact a big family some way. Here in Spain we also have rural schools with very few pupils.In my region the minimum number for maintaining the school open is 5, and some villages offer money or a job for attracting young families who will move to the village and help to maintain the school.