Thursday, 15 October 2009

Blog Action Day 2009: Drawings against the Climate Change

Valeria Labruna, Agata Leal, Matteo Caiazzo & Nicola Mazur, Jacub Lysakowsky & Mattia Caliò

School "Arnolfo di Cambio" Casole d'Elsa


  1. I am not afraid for the future with pupils like yours, Laura!

  2. thank you Marika. It was a good work, considering it was in a rush. I knew about the event only yesterday evening through your e-mail(thank you!!!) and my colleagues were so kind as to change their lessons today so that we can all talk about this subject.
    Next year it will be better, but it's ok just for a start.
    Thank you again, we can upload our works on the TwinSpace as well... but with some more time !

  3. In Greece, I received a maill fromm Children will create cards with drawings and a message about climate change. we have to send them to our wwf until the end of November. WWF will exhibit all the cards and then send them to our Prime Minister who is going to take part in the Conference of U.N. in December. You can look to your wwwf if they organize something like that!!!
    Nice posters by the way Laura!!!

  4. We have enough time until 7/12/2009!
    This date we shall look all to
    Copenhagen - Denmark, with
    "Climate Change"!!!