Monday, 26 October 2009

Welcome to Romania!


  1. Hello Ana. I think you were added to Laura's personal blog instead of this one. I had the same problem.It was because Laura sent to us two messages one for her personal blog and another one for LLT teachers blog. You won't have clicked on the invitation link of this one.You must check your e-mail and search the proper message, the one with the link for being invited here.If you don't find it , write to Laura.By the way, your school looks great in the slideshow!

  2. Hello Elena,
    I am very glad you like our Kindergarden.
    I made this slideshow for us to know better. Thanks for the feedback.
    Ms. Ana Tudor is a professor in a school in another locality in Romania.
    Congratulations on the film with Placido Domingo. An excellent idea!

    Elena HRIMIUC
    Kindergarten no.11 Braila Romania

  3. Hi Elena!
    Lovely school... and thanks for being here!

  4. This kindergarten is like a fairy tale. Very cute. Respect for teachers!