Sunday, 12 December 2010

Italiano-che bella lingua!!

Dear LLT Friends,
as you know, together with Laura, we have an eTwinning project: Be Twin- twinning up the everyday lesson.
I am really happy, the project gives a really strong motivation to my pupils to study Italian languague, as the languague of our friends. Children learn Italian, changed messages on Pupils' corner, and letters by fax. So, the project helps building friendship and helps me, as a techer to make Italian lessons using ICT tools with my pupils.
Hungarian twins had the possibility to take part in a summer camp, where one of our Italian lesson was registered. It was a part of a national competition, where our task was make lessons with ICT tools, digital board.
For us it was a pleasure to take an Italian lesson, and we used ICT tools, what we use together with our Italian friends on TwinSpace as well.
We are happy, because at the and our lesson and project is between the best projects in the competition.
I would like to give you a link, where you can see a part of our special Italian lesson.
Hope, you like it.:-)

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