Saturday, 9 April 2011

Introducing the idea of eTwinning teams

The eTwinning Conference 2011 was perhaps the most brilliant event I've ever attended as an educator. Maybe, that's due to the fact that I had the opportunity to attend it with my life-long eTwinning partner, Monika, my pupils and many of my colleagues. All the people who helped me and believed in my same values during these years were there. And I also met lots of eTwinning partners, we talked about professional and personal projects, we shared another part of our lives.

We all found something in Budapest. I found new ideas, together with Monika, on how to implement eTwinning teams in our schools. Here's my presentation for our workshop "Introducing the idea of eTwinning teams".

We - as eTwinners and teachers - have a bright future. And there's something I'm sure of: this future is not for us alone. We'll share it.


  1. Good presentation! Enjoyed watching it!

  2. I find it very realistic and inspiring. You made a fantastic work, as usual.Thanks a lot

  3. Dear Laura!
    Do I recognize it all!?! :) You just made everything so clear to me. I'm struggling with reorganizations, lack of time and loss of inspiration, and really need such support as you give us all!
    Thank you!!!

  4. Thank you ladies :)
    You're very kind, as usual.
    Anyway, I think all of us teachers are sooner or later going through the same experiences - some of them not being very nice, or relaxing. And I do believe we can rely on each other for help. So we support each other, as we always did.
    Thanks a lot for being here!

  5. Professional, simple and enthusiastic !