Wednesday, 28 December 2011

an eTwinning story with the little ones

time is very true. My small pupils are 8/9 years old now, and for the third year we are together in our class.

I remember how excited I was when they started school - it was the very first time I could work as a primary school teacher. I had so many questions in my mind - will they really read, count and write, will I be able to  teach them all these important things? And another question: will they enjoy school? I just hoped the answer could be yes.

One of the very first school experiences for my pupils was an eTwinning project (Celebrating International Days for a Special Reason!, founder countries: Greece and Poland). It was a challenge for me too, because I "used" the project for building our community as well. I was lucky because we had partners from more countries in Europe, and we collaborated with kindergardens and primary schools, so it was perfect from the point of view of my pupils' age.

Children enjoyed the project activities, and at the end of first year we went to Budapest to take part in an eTwinning competition, and we celebrated in the classroom our fantastic prize: a new television! together with families, cakes and fun.

What does an eTwinning project mean for my pupils? interesting activities, friendship, opportunity to learn something not included in our school-books, experiences and having fun.

Just an example: at the end of our second school year one of my pupils asked me when we could go again to Budapest to participate in an eTwinning programme. I answered: I think, we can go again if we will "work" in our project. She told me: it is not a problem, we do it gladly, we just would like to go again.
For me it was great to hear it: if children are motivated, they do the activities because of eTwinning, just because they like them.

And yes, we went again to Budapest to play eTwinning :-).Just look at the picture about eTwinning Day for Children:


  1. Bravo Monica!!!
    I am very happy!!!
    I used to tell my pupils to make a Cake
    at the end of every project!!!
    Every group put on the cake something to remind us our Etwinning title, flags or paintings...

  2. Thank you, Marika.) Yes, it is great to celebrate together, and when you finish a project, it is good moment to celebrate it).
    Do you know what I learned during our celebration from my pupils? They told me, the flavour of eTwinning is chocolate cake :-)

  3. Congratulations Monika! You did a good job and it's always nice to see photos of happy little ones!