Monday, 27 August 2012

eTwinning e la realtà - Europe Calling

Summer - as we said in another post, for a teacher it's time for friends, relax, holidays, and edu tech !

True, we couldn't stop exploring the web & meeting online, and given more time, lots of us eTwinners spent the hot afternoons trying out new tools, planning future projects and devising new ways to spread our ideas and experiences throughout Europe.

And, as for us...

The 'eTwinning e la realtà' teachers' room went on being our meeting point, and that's where Antonella first got the crazy idea of a multilingual issue of our e-magazine. "We can translate our articles... we can ask our partners for help... we will help each other... we will make it!"
We were a bit anxious at first, but she was right - we could definitely rely on the eTwinners' skills in collaboration.

So, a group of enthusiastic/crazy teachers spent some of their summer translating the articles, laughing when they got mixed up or when they needed some funny periphrasis because "I can't find the word", asking each other for help, and chatting a lot. We were thrilled: we could get in contact with teachers from different countries, going beyond the national dimension.

Here's the outcome of our summer collaboration: a special multilingual issue of the "eTwinning e la realtà" emagazine, with articles in English, Hungarian, French & Italian.
That's our eTwinning gift to celebrate the new school year.

We hope other eTwinners, throughout Europe, will read our stories and find them useful and inspiring.
And we hope we'll go on collaborating, and widening our circle.

I thank all of the teachers who created the ebook.

Welcome back to school everybody... enjoy our new emagazine!


  1. Ottimo lavoro, come sempre! Very good :)

  2. Dear Laura, Dear LLT Friends,
    I am happy to see and read the new multilingual e-book.I think, it's special one, it's the result of a great collaboration. And what could be better for us at the very beinning of a new school year? :)
    Hope,all of us will find new and old colleagues to help us in our schools, and hope, we can help other colleagues as well. And not "only" in our schools, but colleagues and friends in other countries.
    With e-books, with our meetings here and for example in eTwinning teachers' room we are not alone to work and find a solution for some difficult situation!
    We can read all this great articles, find new ideas, possible solutions, and nice hopes for the next time with our pupils.
    I am sure, with all these projects and activities what we find in the new e-book, pupils and teachers (as the school community) had a lot of fun, and learned together in a new and interesting way with partners.
    So many thanks for all great articles,for all your work you did with your colleagues (with school teams in national and international level),and thank you for being with us in the new school year too!

    Hugs,and a really great school year everybody),Mónika)

  3. Good job as usual! Can't wait for the next issue!