Sunday, 10 February 2013

Zen and the Art of Teachers' Rooms Manteinance

Hi everybody, I'm sharing this time a great resource we created together during the eTwinning Learning Event "eTwinners go social: creating and managing a successful Teachers' Room".

I ran the Learning Event in December 2012, together with a great team of co-managers: Antonella Ciriello, Elena Pezzi, Maria Rosaria Fasanelli, PAola Arduini and Monika Kiss.

It was a wonderful thrilling experience, not only for what we taught and learned concerning Teachers' Rooms and our place in the eTwinning geography, but also because, once more, we experienced the power of teams.
And then, it was a special experience because of the people we had the opportunity to meet.

Believe me, whatever you are doing, if you do it together it will come out a lot better - often in an unespected direction.

This time, together with the participants, we decided to share our reflections and opinions with a wider public of eTwinners - and not only. We believed our ideas, tips and suggestions should go further than the closed space of the Learning Lab.

That's why, at the end of our journey, we created this Teachers' Rooms Handbook.

Have fun everybody, keep on travelling the eTwinning world, keep on sharing, meeting, imagining, chatting, teaching and learning...

A big THANK YOU to all of the contributors, enjoy your handbook



  1. "Believe me, whatever you are doing, if you do it together it will come out a lot better - often in an unespected direction."
    Dear Laura, I wholly agree with you. The unespected direction for me has been that I've learnt more from this LE than from any other where I was simple learner.

  2. thank you Mariella, and not only for this LE but for your being a true friend.

  3. Beautiful work, as usual. I'm proud of our common handbook! This is one of the aspects of eTwinning I like most, that of doing things together. Thank you.

  4. Dear Laura,
    Dear Colleagues,
    I enjoyed a lot the travel together during the learning event, and it is always a pleasure if we could share our ideas, and we are reallly Together).
    Thank you for great adventure, for your work, help, support,ideas, and thank you for being together).
    It's a very nice collection of ideas, and a great result of our travel).

  5. Very useful and interesting work as usual. I'm so sorry I couldn't make it to the LE !!! Applications were closed after a couple of days and I was too late. It will be for next time I hope.
    Congratulations to all the contributors!