Wednesday, 12 May 2010

What is a Quality Label worth?

Does everyone that apply get one? Is it something to handle in to one's head master? Something to mention in a CV? Or just an encouragement for us eTwinners?
How do you use them?
I've so far put mine on the eTwinning notice-board, with the rest of our project documents and pictures, so that teachers, parents and students can see them - as a quality mark of the project.


  1. Interesting question, Agneta. I've been thinking about it for a while as well. In fact, I asked my NSS this same question while in Seville. Seen the amount of QLs given by some countries, I took for granted everyone that apply get one. But if they give too many QLs, in fact these Labels don't have any real value. So I was a bit puzzled.

    My NSS gave me a very sensible answer. They said a QL is an acknowledgment of one's good work. They told me that much depends on the country: in Italy some schools are actually rejected, but they are given reasons why, and they can apply again when the problems are fixed, or the project has grown. Anyway, I believe very few schools are rejected - in Italy as everywhere (the eTwinning team wouldn't risk losing too many of its members). Just my opinion.

    As for the QL's value, it depends on the countries and on the schools as well. In some countries, it's among a number of certificates that can prove your personal development and success as a teacher (which could be useful for your career and for your salary as well). There, it can be mentioned in your CV or in your professional portfolio.
    In Italy, it doesn't have a specific professional value, it's more of an encouragement and a "bravo" to the teachers and the pupils. I usually show my QLs to the children involved in the project and their families (it's nice to say "Wow, they say we are great!"). And I show them to my Principal as well (here the message is slightly different "Look, they say I'm good!").

    So I think I use the QL in your same way: as a quality mark and as a reward for the students. And sometimes as marketing for my future projects :)

  2. Dear Agneta and Laura,
    I've learnt quite a lot from your entries.
    I'll tell you about my experience. When we got our Quality Label, we were very proud of it, we put it on the notice board of the main building of our schoo. Then we arranged an Etwinning corner in our small branch school, which actually turned out to be very helpful when we teachers had to show our school to potential future pupils. Besides, the quality label is a certification which can give credits to our Italian high school pupils.