Monday, 16 August 2010

holidays - vacanze - vakàciò !!!!!

Hello friends !!! Just few lines to wish you all happy holidays in this last part of summer. Together with Monika, I'm in Castiglione della Pescaia (Tuscany), a beautiful castle by the sea, having fun.
Now, that's evidence eTwinning works well in building friendships =)
Have fun you all,

Laura e Monika

Kedves eTwinning baràtok,
sokat gondolunk ràtok )
Szèp nyarat,

Mònika ès Laura)


  1. Hello Monika! Hello Laura!
    What a beautiful view! Italy is indeed an exciting country.
    I think many of us have found friends in the eTwinning. It really brodens one's views.
    And it's FUN! :)

  2. Hello to both of you!!I absolutely agree with youQ eTwinning makes friends!!!ZOn July I spent some days with my eTwinning partner, Anna from Poland in Athens!

  3. Hi Agneta and Irene !!! Great to hear from you... and what's more, hearing you're having Twin-fun!

    Keep up the good school vibe: teaching&learning CAN BE fun even in these hard times!

    Hugs ladies, have a rewarding and successful new school year... and keep in touch!


  4. Hello ladies,

    Toscany is really a special area for holidays!

    Etwinning make good friends!

    I was in Btittany - France for a week, with

    etwinning friends!

    Etwinning is communication!!!

    Have a creative school year!

    I hope we can meet each other

    everywhere in the future!

    Greetings from Greece