Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Disseminate the spirit of LLT !

This Counterfeit tag is exaggerated, of course, but it’s clear that eTw groups are inspired by LLT community.
This is a great success for the LLT laboratory. The official trade-mark is now eTw group, and we all know where it comes from!

I first registered in Math-Science group, then Science sub-group. My observation is that the life and the success of a group or sub-group is based on the leaders not on the subject or its aims.
You can make the comparative test here :
Maths :
Sciences :
The tools of a group space are the same as a twinspace (blog - Gallery – etc ..)

2nd there was an announce for creating new groups. I asked for creating an “Experimental Sciences” group, and received a planning form to fill in, from Donatella. I asked to my partners, and published a message for that on eTw forum : partner finding. Then, we collaborated in a wiki (around 20members) to discuss about the form.
We sent the form to Donatella and she answered :
“Dear Eric,
I have read the planning tool and it looks fine to me….”
There is now an official announce for this group and others on :

Who has registered in a group, who participates in a creation of a group among us?
I’d like to know if you disseminate the spirit of LLT !


  1. Dear LLT friends,
    I am in the "Creative Classroom" eTwinning Group, created by our LLT colleague Irene Pateraki! I very much enjoy being part of it - it's only been two months though, and the beginning of September will for sure bring new stuff!
    I was wondering however if these groups would be representative for the eTwinning community as long as permission is needed to get in...

  2. Just make an open group for all etwinners.
    No registation approval from the moderator!

  3. You can see what is a group-space with no registration, have a look with the 2 links above (sub-goups: maths and sciences)
    Do you have any group-space links to post here?

  4. Unfortunately the "Creative Classroom" eTwinning Group is not public. Group administrators decide which parts to publish, so that non-group-members also can access certain information and maybe become part of it. Not here though, sorry.

  5. Hi Eric, interesting post. I think eTwinning Groups, just like LLT, answer the need of a space for just teachers, where we can meet, find help, exchange ideas. It's a natural development of eTwinning, since this action is teacher-centered, and not only pupil-centered.
    LLT was in a sense the forerunner of this development and of course I'm happy of this and grateful to all those ones who helped in creating such a great project and great experience of exchange.
    At the moment, I'm still finding my way around the Groups. I think what's different from LLT is their being specific: just one subject or one subject area. Maybe you can go more in deep this way.
    And I also like your idea of an open group-space, with no registration. But how can you manage members and activities this way?
    Thanks for keeping the discussion on groups alive, I'm very interested in it.
    Have a nice new school year Eric, Daniela and you all LLTeachers


  6. Hi Daniela
    Don't you think it could be a good idea if your creative classroom administrators make a public space access like it is possible in a twinspace.
    How do you manage the recruitement in this group?

  7. I will suggest it to Irene - making at least part of the group's activities public I mean.
    As for the last question - I think eTwinners apply and get or do not get accepted. I don't know of any criteria :( Or perhaps everybody is let in. I really don't have a clue. In the "Using Media" group I know for sure that not everybody who applies gets the green light - it happened to a friend of mine.
    Eric, this is a question for Irene, I believe.
    Have a nice school year, Laura, Eric, Monika, Cristina, Georgeta, everybody!