Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Long live the LLT!

I'm sad to hear that the LLT-project - the Twin Space - will close. But everything must come to an end!
BUT - really glad to know that the blog will live on! I'm absolutely interested in staying in LLT further on! I'm happy and proud of beeing a member of this European network of teachers!

I'm now working with a project called "Small Schools in Europe" trying to tie bonds of friendship between teachers and students at small rural schools - we have so much in common and yet so much to learn about each other. I hope it will lead to a Comenius project, but so far we run it as an eTwinning.
I wish you all a happy and fruitful school year!
Big hugs to you all from a beautifully autumn coloured Fredrika!


  1. I wish you the best results with your new project. Keep telling us about it and have a good day. I also want to stay in LLT group. Regards.

  2. Your new project is really interesting Agneta: as I told you before, one of the branch in my school has only 20 students and every year it's at risk of closure. They feel very cut off and I believe any kind of EU project would be great for them. The only problem in having them work on any project, is that they change teachers continuously (since it's a very secluded area, nobody wants to teach there for long). When you've time, let us know more about your project (or give us the link to the public part of your TwinSpace)!
    As for LLT, it will go on for sure. Together with Monika, we've some ideas but just no time to work on them for now.
    So, I hope we'll go on meeting here and sharing our little bits of (school)life!

  3. I'm glad you take an interest in my project. I think theese children are in many ways in the risk of a kind of social exclusion, because they tend to live in such a closed and homogeneous environment. They really need to meet other people! From other countries and cultures.
    And this is the year of combating poverty - wich is not our problem - and - wich may be a problem for our pupils - social exclusion?
    I'll tell you more about it later!

  4. Laura!
    Why don't the tachers like to work at that little school? We love it here! There are so many advantages too!
    Can you help me getting in touch with someone there?

  5. I just read that our project was awarded 7 more European Quality Labels! This is a unique achievement, one I am so proud of as LLT had been part of my life for more than two years!
    The letter I received says that our project will be displayed in a special area on the European Portal. Looking forward to this! We deserve it! Long Live LLT!