Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Fabio Volo legge Itaca di Costantino Kavafis

For our friends in Italy..


  1. Itaca by K.Cavafis the greek poet!
    Voice Sean Connery
    Musica Vangelis Papathanasiou.

  2. Thanks dear! It's incredible that you've posted this. This poem is special to me: it's my "school opening" tradition. I usually read this poem in my first classes with my students at the beginning of the school year, then they write reflections, or work on drawings, paintings and so on about it: I just want them to share what comes to their minds (or souls) from this.
    So thanks for this post: this year we'll head to the ICT lab and listen to this. And we'll have a very special opening activity!

  3. Hello Laura,
    I am so glad you also like
    this wonderful poem!!!
    Do this post like to your pupils?