Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Peace is...

Hello everybody,
as you may know, we celebrate today the International Day of Peace. In this very special day, I'd like to share with you the works of European students on the line "Peace is...". This is a little precious project, an example of how teachers and pupils all over Europe can work together without looking for awards, fame or money, just in order to build a bridge between different cultures, and create PEACE by sharing.

The project was created by Stephen Wheatley: and I thank him for this simple great idea that brought our celebrations to a whole different level this year . We just exchanged our pupils' drawings, presentations, poems etc. based on the title "Peace is...". Then we reflected on the works of our partners and... we tried to imagine them, drawing or writing or just sitting at their desks, in their classrooms. And all at once, our classroom was full of students celebrating with us - students coming from all over Europe.

So thanks again to Stephen Wheatley, St Dominic Catholic Primary
School, Harpenden, UK

and to all the partners in this project:

Carmen – Mirela Roman – Scoala au clasele I-VIII Nr 12, Romania
Edita Dolezavola – Komenskeho 474, Most, Czech Repuplic
Mar Gomez – Ceip San Jose, Las Matas, Spain
Inga Klinauskiene – Kursenu Stasio Aglickio Basic School, Lithuania
Vida Sinkeviciene – Saule Private School, Vilnius, Lithuania
Anne Marie Jacob – The Oaks Pupil Referal Unit, Amersham, UK

I'd like to leave you this time quoting Stephen's words, that reflect my point of view as well on this - or any - European project:

"For me, this project represents what peace truly is and gives me great hope in the abilities of the next generation to set aside their differences for a brighter, more tolerant and peaceful future."

wishing you all peace and joy in your lives,



  1. Lovely project. You can never talk too much about peace!!!
    That's something I'd like to do with my art-class with younger pupils!

  2. Children are masters in finding the essence of words: "peace is fragile" is true :)
    I like your project very much. Congratulations!

  3. Thank you Anna. I was striken by the "peace is fragile" line as well. Said by a child - it should make us all think.