Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Disseminate the spirit of LLT !

This Counterfeit tag is exaggerated, of course, but it’s clear that eTw groups are inspired by LLT community.
This is a great success for the LLT laboratory. The official trade-mark is now eTw group, and we all know where it comes from!

I first registered in Math-Science group, then Science sub-group. My observation is that the life and the success of a group or sub-group is based on the leaders not on the subject or its aims.
You can make the comparative test here :
Maths :
Sciences :
The tools of a group space are the same as a twinspace (blog - Gallery – etc ..)

2nd there was an announce for creating new groups. I asked for creating an “Experimental Sciences” group, and received a planning form to fill in, from Donatella. I asked to my partners, and published a message for that on eTw forum : partner finding. Then, we collaborated in a wiki (around 20members) to discuss about the form.
We sent the form to Donatella and she answered :
“Dear Eric,
I have read the planning tool and it looks fine to me….”
There is now an official announce for this group and others on :

Who has registered in a group, who participates in a creation of a group among us?
I’d like to know if you disseminate the spirit of LLT !

Monday, 16 August 2010

holidays - vacanze - vakàciò !!!!!

Hello friends !!! Just few lines to wish you all happy holidays in this last part of summer. Together with Monika, I'm in Castiglione della Pescaia (Tuscany), a beautiful castle by the sea, having fun.
Now, that's evidence eTwinning works well in building friendships =)
Have fun you all,

Laura e Monika

Kedves eTwinning baràtok,
sokat gondolunk ràtok )
Szèp nyarat,

Mònika ès Laura)