Monday, 22 August 2011

more on CLIL? visit TNG TwinSpace !!!

Hello everybody! Here are some of the references Dr Diana Hicks gave us during the course, as well as some links and info I got on my own, or during different CLIL courses (so, please note: you may find not all of the links are updated!).

Important: together with Monika, we're trying to upload all of our materials (including activities, links to websites & so on) in the TwinSpace of  The Next Generation - the link is here, and a permanent link is just under the blog title. You may want to go there from time to time and check if there's anything useful to you.

As for me, I'm very interested in the EU files - that's why I put so many. In this difficult period for Italy (and for Europe as well) I find it very important not to forget the direction we are taking together as European teachers, in order to build a coherent educative system. Ok, have a look and let me know!
Note: we use The Next Generation Twinspace as a teachers' playground for newbies in eTwinning. That's why only two folders are public (we suppose you won't be interested in how to use a forum/blog, how to open a folder & so on).

Ok, so here are some of the CLIL references I found:   (not my favourite, since it's mainly just English Language exercises; still, it can be useful)  and  (of course Language teachers will already know these. Well, they can be of use for CLIL lessons as well. Give them a try it if you need materials and videos for your lessons - you've got to pay but it's not expensive)  (looots of useful stuff, games and ideas from teachers to teachers! I loved this. And there's a special section with all materials from the Cheltenham course as well)  (it's a children's - 8/13 years old - magazine with lots of materials for subject teachers... and lots of fun for students) (Graham Workman wiki for Bilingual teaching: plenty of links and ideas... I'm still exploring it) (great teachers' blog... if you know Spanish !!! I found some interesting info here, but I leave the rest to my Spanish friends!)  (for History teachers who want to steal some ideas... the History Website of Hounslow Homeschool Group)

and eventualy, in case you decide to take the Teaching Knowledge Test ...

Have fun you all, and enjoy the rest of the summer! And do come back from time to time :)


  1. Hi Laura, do you know CLIL Cascade Network?

    It's useful for networking/partner finding but it also gives lots of interesting information. Have a tour and let me know.


    PS By the way, how's your ankle?

  2. Hi Tommaso,
    thank you for asking, unfortunately my ankle is still a problem. I'm not sure I'll make it for the school opening and I'm really pissed. I love the first school day and can't miss it !!!
    Thanks a lot for the link as well. I knew of it, but for some reason I thought it was not active anymore. I'll go back and explore the site. After all, I've plenty of time now ;(

    Take care and keep in touch


  3. Ciao Laura,
    sono pronta a sperimentare il CLIL insieme anche quest'anno!!!! Come si dice... READY, STEADY... GO !!!!