Friday, 5 August 2011

some materials..and experience

In July I went to Florence, to participate in a teacher refreshing course with Comenius. It was great - good lessons with good teachers, so I liked it very much. And..Italy is a special place for me for many reasons :-).

In the morning we normally had two kinds of lessons. Paolo Pettinari was talking about using ICT in teaching, preparing materials for our lessons, about some web 2.0 applications and about the method of webquests during the lessons.
Costanza Cabras taught us Italian Grammar. It was very useful, because in the Italian language there are some structures, what we don't have for example in Hungarian, and for this reason sometimes it's difficult to explain or use them in the classroom, . (Just an example: we have only one tense of verbs for present, one for past and one for future). Now I have some new materials, and I think, I will use them.

It was very nice - besides morning activities, the school organised some other ones. I really enjoyed visiting the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, or The Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore Museum with a History Art teacher. was the first time during a course that I had the chance to spend an afternoonabout how to teach Italian languague for young learners. Francesca Lo Re teached Italian languague in France, and prepared many activities. She proposed websites, where we can find exercises, games, poems or colouring pages.

I read through my notes during the course, and tried to pick the most useful sites proposed by our teachers.
I hope, there are some, which could be useful for you too, so I would like to share them.)

First of all, I didn't know It is a free software. We used it to download audio or video files from youtube. It is very simple to use (yuppiiiiee:). You just copy the link of video on keepvid, and choose, if you would like to have an audio or video file, and you can download it even to your computer.

There are many other useful sources for teaching Italian. If you wish more of them, feel free to tell me. I don't know, if you teach Italian..?

I took a look the websites proposed from Francesca Lo Re. I found a webside, where there are materials for English too. If you teach or study English, it could be useful, I suppose.
The link is:

I also would like to share one more link with you... during the school year I often need drawings. I find them good for example to help children's vocabulary, and practise the words. In every language we have lessons about family, sports, I would like to propose the link:
you can find a lot of drawings there.)

I hope you'll find them useful. When I find new ones, I will share them as well.

Hugs, Mónika


  1. Hi Monika,
    thanks a lot for your useful links. As always, it was a pleasure to have you here in Tuscany and have the opportunity to meet. Too bad I was not well and we could be together only for some hours :(
    As for our experiences of in-service training, I think we could upload materials and activities in a public folder of the Next Generation TwinSpace and put a link here. What do you think? As you said, all those activities could be useful for other teachers as well.
    Let me know. Hugs for now (and sunflowers!)

  2. Dear Laura,
    thank you for your words.) It's always nice to meet you, and I hope, you feel better as soon as possible.
    I agree with you, it could be good upload our materials on TwinSpace. It's a good idea.)
    Hugs and a lot of sunflowers),Mónika

  3. good idea ladies!
    I can't wait to try out new activities with my pupils!
    Thank you