Saturday, 28 January 2012

LOOKING FOR CONTRIBUTORS: High School/university students, young workers

Let's look at the other side of the coin...

We've been talking a lot about CLIL and cooperation programmes from the teachers' point of view.
We all agree Comenius, Grundtvig, eTwinning and all related actions are crucial for our professional development and we believe they motivate and engage our students with a positive impact on their competences. True. Or is it?
I mean, we want to think the effect is what we planned. But are we sure? How are these experiences seen (and lived) by the students? What do they think? What's the impact of these actions on their lives?

The best way to know is ask the main actors of cooperation projects: students.

That's why we are looking for "guest posts" written by High School students, University students and young workers who had the opportunity to live any kind of cooperation experience in the UE and beyond.

How to apply:
  • posts must be limited to 500/600 words (images welcome if not copyright protected) - all of EU languages are welcome
  • content of articles is at the discretion of the eContributor, as long as it deals with international work/study experiences
  • please forward your contribution along with a short resume about yourself (not a curriculum vitae, just few lines so that we know who you are!) to or
  • you will be given access info to publish the article yourself
  • deadline for submission: February the 26th
So, if you are a student/just graduated/worker, we re looking for you!

And for all our fellow teachers... why don't you ask your students to share with us their experiences?

Looking forward to get to know more...

[to be continued...]


  1. Too bad my pupils are too young (I teach in primary school). But it would be interesting to see their side of the coin as well. Sometimes younger kids have a lot to say. Anyway, I'm curious and can't wait to read the students' reports!

  2. Great idea! We'll ask our ex pupils who are on Erasmus grants. Let's hear what "the next generation" has to say...


  3. Come on, any international study/work experience will be welcome!

  4. Asked my students as well. Lots of ideas, now let's see if they actually bring themselves to write them down...