Saturday, 12 November 2011

eTwinning Conference "Leading 21st century education"

ABCD is  the leading event devoted to school and education  in Italy, whose aim is to cover the whole school world in one exhibition. It is held at Genoa Fair & Exhibition Centre, featuring exhibition areas, workshops and conferences. It represents both the perfect meeting point for students, teachers, and exhibitors (leading players in this ever-changing and evolving sector) and a tool aiming to meet their needs.

This year, ABCD is for the first time hosting eTwinning, with an international conference for stakeholders and policy-makers.

The EMINENT - eTwinning Conference "Leading 21st century education" (Genova, 16-17 November 2011) is organized by the eTwinning National Support Service Italy and European Support Service - European Schoolnet, in close collaboration with the European Commission, and it involves joint sessions with the 2011 Eminent conference.

The conference, taking place on November the16th and 17th, will face issues related to the changes of the 21st century school: teachers' professional development, pupils' and teachers' motivation for learning and teaching, key competencies for the training of European citizens.

The main goal of eTwinning is actually to encourage the creation of networks between schools and teachers, to provide opportunities for professional development through training of teachers on-line and on-site, with a focus on collaborative learning and teaching aspects related to the use of ICT.

For the first time, the eTwinning conference will bring together policy makers, educational authorities at various levels and educational actors in a mutual effort to identify and develop actions and strategies to get a better 21st century education.

The conference will provide an opportunity to learn, to address and help answer some key questions:

- How can professional development policies benefit from eTwinning practice?

- Which ones can be considered to be the best examples of promotion and dissemination of pedagogical practice?

- What competencies are needed for individuals to participate fully exploit the opportunities offered by eTwinning? and how can eTwinning help in developing these competencies?

- What synergies, within the use of eTwinning, could be created between European and National educational policies?
That's much to talk about, isn't it? I find it to be one of the greatest eTwinning challenges so far. And I hope you'll be as thrilled as I am to get to know more. So, keep tuned for more:)
                                                                                               [to be continued]


  1. Dear Laura,
    I think, to organize the conference a Genova is a good idea. The questions are importants. It could be nice, if the partecipants could find new ideas and strategies to answer them.
    The eTwinning programme in the last years developed so much, and I think, after the results educational authorities/policy makers in EU countries could find useful to promote it as well. And, if they all are together (it could be happened..)with cooperation can find new opportunities. An important question now in eTwinning: it's possible involve the programme in the school curricula? This time maybe will talk about the question in national/international level?
    So, I am curious. )And I will be here to read your news :-)
    Hugs, Mónika

  2. Wow! It looks like something HUGE! I hope they'll manage to give an answer to at least some of these questions. It would be a new little hope in our difficult situation, especially for Mediterranean countries.
    Can't wait to get to know more!

  3. Hi Laura,
    it is a very good idea!
    I will wait for your news!
    I hope we will have answers for
    Etwinning in school!

  4. Wow! Great event and great ideas!
    I'm going to write more about it and maybe collect some of the different presentations.
    I hope eTwinning and Institutions (which means "Europe and Nations") will meet at last :)
    I'm hopeful!