Friday, 11 November 2011

International Drawing Contest

Dear LLT Friends,
I would like to share with you some news about an international drawing contest for schools partecipating in the eTwinning programme.

I know the deadline - 17th of November -  is very close, but probably some of you or your colleagues could work on it.

Maybe just like me, you didn't hear about this opportunity before. I think it is a nice initiative, and children like drawing, my small class for sure. :-)

So, an activity you could do with the youngest ones too.

I uploaded the info about this competition in the TNG TwinSpace in the "Activities for children" folder , and I also uploaded there the application form.

Let's draw together! :-)
Hugs, Mónika


  1. Thank you Monika for telling us. I think I'll try with my little ones (6 - 7 yearolds).
    I wonder why eTwinning doesn't give more visibility to these contests. Anyway, it's nice to find out about them here among friends.
    Thank you again

  2. Dear Teresa,
    I am happy if you will try to parteciapate in the contest with your little pupils). I try to do the same :-).
    And after..who knows? Hope to have great news all. :)
    Hope to hear from you soon, Mónika