Sunday, 20 November 2011

What actions are needed in order to improve the status of teachers?

Hello everybody,
this time I'd like to share with you my concern about a core issue concerning all of us: the status of teacher in our society and in our countries.
Recent studies have shown that the teaching profession is not attractive for young people. It is perceived as a not so profitable option, with a very low social status and few career opportunities.
We have time until November 30 to take part in the European Commission research on policy measures to improve the attractiveness of the teaching profession in Europe.

The situation is in fact so serius (appearently, nobody would want to be a teacher!) that the European Commission has launched a consultation on how to improve the status of teachers.

The study aims to identify factors that can make the teaching profession more attractive and to determine which policy interventions can influence these factors. The final report will then contain a series of recommendations to that effect, addressed to policy makers and stakeholders.

In order to achieve these goals, a questionnaire was developed for students, teachers and school officials from 32 countries. The answers to the questionnaire will provide valuable information, especially about what teachers think about their profession.

The questionnaire is available online and the Commission requested the help of all professionals involved in education, and in particular:
• University students of mathematics, physical and natural sciences, humanities and languages​​;

• Students involved in initial teacher training courses;

• Teachers of all disciplines;

• School leaders;

• Teachers' trainers.
The European Commission ensures that the answers will remain anonymous and all information provided will be treated in compliance with current legislation on data protection. The questionnaire will remain online until November 30, 2011.
So, do take part! This is the link to the questionnaire the first page is in Italian, but if you click "avanti" (bottom of page), you'll be able to choose your language in the next page.
We're all enthusiastic, experimental and motivated teachers, and we LOVE our job despite all of its problems. So, it's our duty to let the EU - and young people all over Europe - know what we need to improve our wonderful profession :)


  1. Hello Laura,
    I cannot believe it!
    As I was readind your post,
    I tried to understand ...WHY?
    What do you think?

  2. Hi Marika, I was shocked as well by these news. Anyway, all of us in Italy could notice in the past years that the profession of teacher was becoming less and less popular.
    At first they said it was a profession "for women" (not earning enough to be a man's job, plus lots of free time - according to the common opinion - to take care af house & children).
    Then there was a sort of "campaign" against lazy teachers: and suddenly all of the teachers were suspected of being lazy, not actually teaching, just reading the news and playing with their cell phone in the classroom and enjoying three months of summer holiday.
    It was not just "this/that bad teacher" (as there are in all kinds of job), but a sort of black cloud was set on all of us.
    And then of course the pupils are becoming more and more difficult, there are lots of behaviour issues, lots of new competences required and less and less money to train new teachers.
    So, no surprise that lots of young people are not interested.
    Yet, it's a great job, and I believe it's a job with a deep social value.
    I hope the EU will help us. We deserve it.